I am Samson Lukman. Explore a diverse collection of my work as a Full-Stack Django and React Native developer. With a passion for web development and a keen eye for containerization, deployment, and CI/CD, I bring innovative solutions to life. Whether it's crafting elegant websites, optimizing application performance, or streamlining deployment pipelines, I'm dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital world. Welcome to my realm of coding, creativity, and the transformation of ideas into reality.

Samson Lukman



Afri Food

A fully-functional custom e-commerce web application built with Django, allowing users to purchase indigenous African food items, add items to a cart, create accounts , and track their purchase history.



An Online Tech School Platform. This project is a comprehensive online tech school that goes beyond traditional e-learning. It seamlessly integrates social media features for students to connect and collaborate. Users can access course content and download resources for offline learning. The platform also provides advanced tracking, allowing students to monitor their progress by keeping a record of how many times they've watched a video or downloaded course materials. This project showcases my expertise in building feature-rich e-learning platforms and tracking systems, emphasizing user engagement and progress tracking.

Crime Alert

Crime Alert website

This project is a community-driven crime alert platform that empowers users to report incidents in their vicinity. Users can easily share information about local crimes and emergencies, with the system automatically capturing their coordinates to pinpoint the incident's location accurately. It's a user-friendly and essential tool for enhancing community safety and engagement. This project highlights my skills in building applications for community welfare, location-based services, and user-generated content, emphasizing the importance of safety and community involvement.

Chat App

Chat App - Django Channels and Websockets

This project showcases a real-time chat application built on Django Channels and Websockets, enabling users to engage in instant and interactive conversations. With a clean and intuitive user interface, it offers real-time messaging capabilities, ensuring seamless communication. This project highlights my expertise in web development, server-side technologies, and real-time functionality, emphasizing the power of instant communication for today's digital world.